St. Louis Mullen Foundation


A 1999 proclamation by Mayor Clarence Harmon declared the 2nd of May as Mike Mullen Day in the city of St. Louis in recognition for his many years as an activist in the Central West End neighborhood. In 2009, a group of Mike's friends honored his day with a surprise parade for him on Euclid Avenue. That celebration morphed into an annual charity fundraising event to assist groups that lack the resources to organize their own events.

In 2017, Mike Mullen Day organizers officially broadened their efforts and established the St. Louis Mullen Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that produces fundraisers to support local charities. Mike Mullen Day remains its annual keystone event.

Mike Mullen, a St. Louis native, founded Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) and has been active with the St. Louis AIDS Memorial, the St. Louis AIDS Foundation, AIDS Walk and the Animal House Fund. He also served as the HIV/AIDS liaison officer for the mayor’s office.


Tim Butler-Executive Director

Jennifer Smith - Board President

Lara Kerwin- Secretary

Hon. Evelyn M. Baker 

Lisa Beke

Linda Lawson

David Lee

Tim Logan

Tracy Hansen